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28 Jul 2015

High Quality Handcrafted Jewelry By C.H. Arts

If you’re a fan of high quality handcrafted jewelry you definitely should visit Crimean Handicraft Arts on Big Cartel. This guy offers a wide range of traditional items from pendants and rings to amulets. You will find norse Thor’s Hammer, Rune Stone, Yggdrasil and more but also good from other

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25 Jul 2015

Coffee Goat Mug Almost A Mead Horn

That is an awesome Kickstarter campaign. The slovenian company Goat Story recently reinvented the good ol drinking horn and brought it to modern day as an usable accessoire to carry you coffee or other hot/cold drinks. We would prefer mead by the way. Since you can clean it in your

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20 Jul 2015

Top 5 Healthiest Summer Fruits

Not all fruits are created equal. Harvest and enjoy these five flavorful nutritional powerhouses during the long hot days of summer! With summer in full swing, more people are looking for ways to tame the heat. Instead of making a beeline for the ice cream parlor or guzzling sugary iced

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15 Jul 2015

The 9 Noble Virtues – Rearranged

The following is the result of a two day project partaken by myself and an individual not exactly an Odinist, but a man of great integrity. We took the Nine Noble Virtues, first defining each one as applied to the self. These definitions were chosen through discussion with reference to

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18 Jun 2015

Honey-Based Mead May Curb Antibiotic Resistance, Say Makers

Scientists in Sweden are launching their own mead – an alcoholic beverage made from a fermented mix of honey and water – based on old recipes which they say could help in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Together with a brewery, the scientists who have long studied bees and their


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